Aguila Primers

Aguila Primers For Sale are a non-corrosive primer for modern handgun loads. These high-quality primers guarantee reliable ignition in any weather conditions.

Known for providing ammunition for a wide variety of calibers from the standard to the unique, Aguila offers high-quality components that perform flawlessly with remarkable consistency in velocity and accuracy.

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Aguila Primers Review

Featuring the same primers used in your favorite Aguila Ammunition centerfire rounds. Aguila Primers are suitable for your small pistol caliber reloading needs. Non-Corrosive, Non-mercuric components ensure shot-to-shot consistency, and peak performance from your firearm every time!


  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Mercuric
  • 1000 Count Box

Are Aguila Primers Good?

Aguila is a Mexican ammunition maker. Their products are adequate. Their primers aren’t my first pick, but I’d use them. I’ve seen that the primer pockets of their loaded ammo appear to be a tight fit for CCI and Federal primers, thus they may be a loose fit in your more worn primer pockets.