Cheddite Primers

The Cheddite Primers is a great multi-purpose 209 primer. It has been found to be very consistent in ballistic testing results. The only 209 primer with a lacquer sealant on the top of the primer. Standard U.S. size shotshell primer.

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Showing all 2 results

Are Cheddite Primers OK?

Cheddite 209s had previously served me well. Misfires are not a concern. They are wider in diameter than Win 209s and will expand your priming pocket, so keep the hulls you use with them separate. The only issue I’ve discovered is that they penetrate several of my shotguns.

Where are Cheddite Primers Manufactured?

These Cheddite 209 Primers are made in France and are both loud and durable. These primers are adaptable and can be used as starter primers not just for dog training but also for track and field events. It should be noted that 209 primers should not be utilized in any other blank pistol caliber.

What are Cheddite Primers Used for?

The Cheddite primer Clerinox ensures the consistent ignition of all types of powder, from the most inert to the most advanced. Clerinox’s power enables the employment of modest quantities of powder while providing optimal ballistic outcomes. There are no mercury-based chemicals in the explosive combination.

Can I use Cheddite 209 Primers for Muzzleloaders?

Cheddite™ Clerinox® CX2000 209 Magnum Shotshell Primers – 100 Count. Cheddite™ Clerinox 209 Primers are compatible with 209 inline muzzleloader ignitions and are considered a magnum shotshell primer.

What is the difference between cheddite CX50 and cx2000?

The 2000 is their hottest primer, the 1000 is their medium strength primer and the CX50 a low power primer.