Black Powder

Black powder for black powder rifles, cowboy action pistols, and muzzle loaders. Black powder from Swiss, Goex, and Schuetzen. Please keep in mind that there is a minimum purchase quantity of 5 pounds each shipping. The maximum shipment weight is 25 pounds.

We can ship up to two 25-pound packages per person or address per day. Discount levels apply when combining powder brands and granulation. Compare our delivered pricing to others; we can get the powder even to the east coast for cheaper.

What are the 4 types of Black Powder?

Black powder For Sale is classified into four categories based on particle size. The finest is FFFFg, whereas the coarsest are FFFg, FFg, and Fg. FFFFg is only used in flintlock flash pans. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the other varieties are employed as the breech charge.

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Showing all 17 results

Buy Black Powder Substitute In Stock

Western Reloading Supplies has all of your black powder needs covered, from traditional cap-and-ball revolvers and accessories to the most current inline muzzleloading rifles.

Cowboy action shooters, re-enactors, and other traditional black powder shooting enthusiasts will find a great selection of fully functional replica old West and Army and Navy revolvers and conversion cylinders, as well as all the necessary materials to help them go bang-percussion caps, loaders, powder measures, patches & wads, and roundballs.

We provide a full variety of inline rifles as well as 209 primers, black powder alternatives, and bullets and sabots for the modern muzzleloading hunter.

Black Powder Supplies For Sale

When the hunt calls, your Black Powder Rifle demands that you respond with the greatest supplies available.

Western Reloading Supplies is your entire supply for the high quality propellant your weapon requires, whether it’s traditional gunpowder for greater accuracy or pellets for faster loading speed.

Western Reloading Supplies carries the greatest powder and substitutes from Alliant, Goex, Hodgdon, and Swiss, as well as the best percussion caps for your Muzzleloader firearms.

As the hunting day comes to an end, you may be assured that you’ve answered the call of your Muzzleloader with Western Reloading Supplies best Powder Supplies, superb service, and wholesale prices.

Goex Black Powder In Stock

BLACK POWDER GOEX GOEX Black Powder is designed for use in Civil War reenactments, flintlock rifles, and other recreational uses. GOEX Black Powder is essential for industrial and military applications.

GOEX Powder is the sole maker of black powder in the United States. GOEX has nearly a 200-year history of manufacturing black powder in the United States, and GOEX Powder, Inc.

endeavors to maintain the company’s history and tradition. GOEX is a well-known brand of black powder and the only black powder created in the United States.

GOEX Powder is available in sporting grades Fg, FFg, FFFg, FFFFg, and Cannon. E.I. Du Pont de Nemours founded GOEX in 1802 with his original black powder production facility located by the Brandywine River in Delaware.

Swiss Black Powder For Sale

In 1853, the Aubonne Black Powder Mill (Swiss Black Powder Factory) was established. It is the last mill of its sort that is still powered in part by hydraulics.

The building that houses the carbonizing kiln and stack is meticulously maintained, allowing Aubonne to be one of the few factories to produce its own charcoal.

In 2002, the Swiss Technical Services Association (Swiss TS/TUV) certified the plant for ISO 9001:2000. The facility is located in Aubonne, overlooking Lake Geneva.

Due to a long legacy of black powder production dedicated to excellence in components and workmanship, Swiss Black Powder has long been recognized “The Best” in black powder.

How Much Black Powder for 50 Cal?

For a pistol shooting patched ball and utilizing actual black powder like GEOX or SWISS (gunpowder, not smokeless propellant), I would probably start with 40 grains and not go above 50 grains by measured weight. I’d probably start with around 80 grains for a Kentucky or Pennsylvania type long rifle.

How Much Black Powder can you Buy?

A federal explosives license or permit is not required to purchase and utilize commercially made black powder in quantities not exceeding 50 pounds in antique firearms or antique devices for the purposes specified above.

What does the F Mean in Black Powder?

The classification “F” stands for “Fine” and dates back to when grains were divided into fine (F) and coarse (C) categories. The number of letter Fs indicates the fineness of the powder. The more Fs there are, the finer the powder. The finest powder used in muzzleloading is FFFFFg (5F). The finer the powder, the quicker it burns.

What Black Powder is Used in Pistols?

Since 3F burns faster than 2F, 3F is generally used for black powder pistols. Rifles on the other had can work with either 2F or 3F.

What is the most common black powder?

The two most popular brands of black powder on the market today are Goex and Swiss Black Powder. Both brands are well-known in the muzzleloading field.

How Many Grains of Black Powder for Pistol?

In mine, a charge of 30 grains of 3F is the standard load. 50 flint pistol, 10″ barrel, unknown rot. The accuracy at 25 yards is incredible, and it has won a match. It makes little difference to reduce the amount to 20 grains.