Smokeless Powder

Your go-to store for reloading is Western Reloading Supplies. Because we provide excellent service and discounted pricing, we are the leading distributor of all brands of smokeless powder.

Accurate Powder, Alliant Powder, Hodgdon Powder, IMR Powder, Shooters World Powder, Ramshot Powder, Vihtavuori Powder, and Winchester Powder are some of the brands.

We have all you need whether you are reloading for a pistol, rifle, or shotshell. For one hazardous cost, we pack Smokeless Powder For Sale and primers in the same box.

Whether you need a single pound or several powder kegs, we can help. In addition to gun powder, primers, bullets, brass, and reloading equipment, we carry everything you could possibly need.

What Does Smokeless Powder Do?

Gunpowder, sometimes known as smokeless powder, is a kind of propellant used in guns and artillery that, when shot, leaves behind less smoke and fouling than black powder.

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Showing 1–18 of 190 results

Smokeless Powder in Stock

Large range of smokeless gun powder (Reloading Powder For Sale) is available from Western Reloading Supplies. All of the major producers are available from us in the numbers and varieties that you require.

We offer containers with weights ranging from 1 pound to 8 pounds. We are the go-to source for powder for reloading due to our selection and competitive pricing of Hodgdon Powder.

The reloading powders you need from Midsouth are accurate, to Shooters World, to Winchester, and are available at a price you can afford. Make Western Reloading Supplies For Shooters is your one-stop store when you need powder to reload your ammunition.

Reloading Powder in Stock

Western Reloading Supplies carries the widest selection of reloading smokeless powders! Our vast selection includes every type of smokeless powder; whatever cartridge you are reloading, Western Reloading Supplies has powder for you!

Reloading Handgun Powder: In order to accelerate the projectile down the normally shorter handgun barrel more quickly than with slower-burning rifle powders, you will frequently wish to reload handgun ammunition with a fast-burning powder.

Reloading Rifle Powder: A slower burning powder is frequently preferred for reloading rifle ammunition because it will help build the pressure required to move the projectile down the normally longer rifle barrel at a slower rate than handgun powders.

Reloading Shotshell Powder: You will frequently desire quick-burning powders, similar to those used in pistol reloading, while reloading shotshell ammunition. The wad, shot, sabot, or other projectile must usually be launched from the shell quickly, which calls for the faster-burning powder.

Flake Smokeless Powder: Flake powders have a flattened, oblong form with quick-burning properties. Flake powder burns quickly, hence it’s frequently preferred for pistol cartridges and shotshell reloading. Ideal for both new and experienced reloaders.

Extruded Stick Smokeless Powder: Stick-shaped extruded stick powder is distinguished by its cylindrical shape. Powders that have been extruded guarantee constant burning rates, improving precision and performance in high-velocity loads. For hefty magnum rounds and rifle cartridges, extruded powder is preferred. Extruded powders are a popular option for long-distance shooters and precision shooters.

Ball Smokeless Powder: As the name implies, ball powder is a round-ball-shaped powder that offers good metering, reliable ignition, and clean-burning properties. Their adaptability is ideal for a variety of applications, including handgun loads and common rifle calibers.

The least expensive reloading powder is often ball powder. Let’s now examine the top powder producers in the reloading component industry:

Hodgdon: Hodgdon, a reputable brand with a long history, provides a broad selection of smokeless powders to accommodate reloading rifle, pistol, and shotshell rounds. Another thing that Hodgdon is renowned for is their annual reloading manual, which is jam-packed with useful reloading knowledge. For reloaders of various skill levels, Hodgdon smokeless powders are an excellent option.

Alliant: Alliant offers reloaders smokeless powders for any use by fusing innovation and knowledge. Every reloaded round will function consistently thanks to their powders’ remarkable performance and clean burning across a variety of calibers.

Vihtavuori: Some of the top shooters and manufacturers in the competitive shooting world utilize Vihtavuori Smokeless Powder, which has earned a stellar reputation as one of the best smokeless powders on the market. In all climates and lighting circumstances, Vihtavuori powders guarantee clean burning and consistent shooting characteristics.

Accurate: A company that stands up to its name is Accurate Powders. For maximum accuracy and performance, the entire line of smokeless powders for handguns, rifles, and shotguns has been designed. Accurate Powders ensures that every rifle is better served by using the greatest ballistic professionals and the highest quality parts.

Winchester: Winchester, a reputable name in the weapons sector, also offers a variety of smokeless powders that deliver the same performance as Winchester ammo, extending its expertise into the reloading industry.

IMR: IMR powders have been a go-to choice for reloaders for generations because of their emphasis on accuracy and consistency. Their powders are designed to provide the best performance with the least amount of fouling, resulting in a clean shooting experience. The IMR series of powder is trusted by reloaders all over the world and is available for use in a variety of reloading applications.

Shooters World: Shooters World, which is renowned for its wide selection of powders, provides options for everyone from recreational reloaders to competitive shooters. Shooters World powder is probably made specifically for well-known reloaded cartridges.

Ramshot: Ramshot has smokeless powder for everyone, whether you are a newcomer to reloading or a competitive shooter.

Always use load data from a trusted reloading manual while reloading. Safe reloading procedures should always be followed to avoid damage to your gun or serious injury, including death.

Frequently Asked Questions On Smokeless Powder In Stock

What is Smokeless Reloading Powder, and How Does it Differ from Black Powder?

A modern propellant used in ammunition reloading is smokeless reloading powder. It produces little smoke when fired, as opposed to black powder, which produces a lot of smoke and is mostly utilized in ancient firearms.

How Does Smokeless Reloading Powder Work in Ammunition?

When the firing pin strikes the primer, it ignites the smokeless powder. This ignition produces gas, which propels the bullet out of the barrel of the rifle with controlled and steady pressure.

What are the Advantages of Using Smokeless Reloading Powder?

When opposed to black powder, smokeless powder has various advantages, including cleaner burning, higher energy, fewer fouling, and improved accuracy.

What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting Smokeless Reloading Powder?

Choosing the best smokeless reloading powder requires taking into account the cartridge type, bullet weight, desired velocity, and firearm characteristics. For accurate load data, consult reputable reloading manuals.

Are there Different types or Formulations of Smokeless Reloading Powder?

Yes, smokeless reloading powders are available in a variety of compositions, each tailored to specific calibers and applications. Some powders are designed specifically for reloading rifle, pistol, and shotgun cartridges.

Can I Mix Different Brands or types of Smokeless Reloading Powders in my Loads?

It is not recommended to mix different brands or types of smokeless powders. When powder is mixed, it becomes wholly untested and has no reloading data, resulting in unpredictable and dangerous effects. Never mix reloading powder, only use a single type and brand per load recipe.

How should I Store Smokeless Reloading Powder Safely?

Smokeless reloading powder should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated environment away from heat sources and open flames. Keep it away from children and in its original container with the label intact.

What is the Function of Smokeless Powder?

Smokeless powders (SPs) are low explosives that are commonly employed as propellants in ammunition but are also found in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) such as pipe bombs and pressure cooker IEDs.