Shooters World Powder

Western Reloading Supplies For Shooters has added Shooters World Powder to our already extensive range of smokeless powder. Shooters World’s mission is to provide high-quality, clean powder at an accessible price to competitive shooters and reloaders.

Shooters World Powder In Stock gives a cheap solution to shooters everywhere by breaking down big OEM Lovex powder, which is utilized by most powder firms known to reloaders, into smaller quantities. See our Shooters World Powder selection below.

Is Shooters World Powder Temperature Sensitive?

Shooters World Powder has a similar burn rate and temperature sensitivity to Hodgdon® VARGET. Temperature sensitivity, burn rate, and propellant density are all strongly related to VARGET’s properties.

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Showing all 15 results

Shooters World Powder For Sale

Shooters World has swiftly established itself as one of the best smokeless powder companies on the market. Karen and Ned Gerard, the creators, have competed in the Olympic Games, World Championship, and U.S. Championship and understand exactly what discerning reloaders look for in their propellant.

Add in their partner, former U.S. Army marksman Ken Johnson’s thirteen years of powder development experience, and it’s easy to see why Shooters World powder is so well-regarded.

Shooters World has positioned themselves as innovators thanks to a cutting-edge ballistics testing facility set between the gorgeous Smokey and Blue Ridge Mountains. Currently, they provide high-quality powder for nearly every cartridge available.

Shooters World rifle powder is available in propellants ranging from.17 caliber varmint hunting rounds to powerful.50 caliber rounds. Shooters World Precision Rifle powder is an excellent choice when striking your target within millimeters from a safe distance.

If the AR is your weapon of choice, Shooters World’s customized AR Plus powder is a must-try. This well-known manufacturer also sells powder for handgun rounds and shotgun shells.

Shooters World smokeless powder is designed to be easy to measure, temperature and humidity insensitive, and dependably potent, making it a good choice for both novice reloaders and expert hunters and competition shooters.

Western Reloading Supplies is pleased to offer a complete line of Shooters World powders. Shop today to get home a premium powder at the best price.

Where is shooters world powder made?

Shooters World and LOVEX® propellants are manufactured by Explosia® Company in Pardubice-Semtín, of the Czech Republic.