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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between small rifle and small pistol primers?

The primer pockets of Small Pistol Primers (SPP) and Small Rifle Primers (SRP) cases are nearly equal in size. This does not imply that they can be used interchangeably. The SRP retains its thicker cup and hotter ignition.

Are Remington Small Pistol Primers good?

The 112 primers perform admirably in low- to moderate-pressure handgun rounds, but if you’re loading at high pressure, a different primer may be a better choice.

Finally, Remington’s 612 tiny rifle primers come with a warning concerning using them in rifle cartridges.

Does 9mm use Small Pistol Primers?

What Primer Size Does a 9mm Use? A 9mm bullet is often loaded with a tiny pistol primer. However, because these primers are frequently unavailable, some gun enthusiasts experiment with magnum pistol primers.

What cartridges use Small Pistol Primers?

Some cartridges (45 acp, 44 special, 44 magnum, etc.) require a large pistol primer, whereas others (9mm, 38 special, 357 magnum, etc.) demand a small pistol primer. Depending on the cartridge you’re reloading, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate size primer.

What are small pistol primers made of?

A primer is made of a brass cup filled with flammable lead styphnate. On impact, lead styphnate bursts. In the manufacturing process, lead styphnate starts as a liquid.

The compound is poured into the brass cup, and then a triangular piece of metal, known as the anvil, is placed within.

What Is the Difference Between Small and Large Pistol Primers?

Large primers provide increased velocity with all powders tested, even the slower ones like Herco.

This is due to the larger pistol primer’s more powerful igniting of the powder charge. The recoil felt varied with some of the loads, with a 100 FPS variation or so.

Can you use small pistol primers for 45 ACP?

If you wish to use CCI Blazer Brass. 45 ACP cases with small-pistol primers, go ahead; it doesn’t seem to make a significant difference in velocity. Take precautions and be safe.

What are CCI Small Pistol Primers?

CCI-standard primers burn extremely cleanly, leaving primer pockets cleaner and allowing you to go longer periods between pocket cleanings. This provides a significant advantage for progressive reloaders.

These primers are more sensitive and easier to seat than previous CCI primers, and they are designed to flow smoothly on automated equipment.