Winchester Powder

Winchester Smokeless Propellants, the loading professionals’ choice, are now accessible to handloaders in order to match factory performance of loads ranging from pistol to rifle and shotgun.

Winchester® Staball® Family ™

This temperature-insensitive, double-base BALL® Powder is stable in extremely hot or cold situations and delivers ideal loading density in cartridges with the right burn speed.

Does Hodgdon own Winchester Powder?

In 2003, Hodgdon purchased IMR Powder Company. Hodgdon has been distributing Winchester branded reloading powders in the United States since March 2006.

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Showing all 14 results

Winchester Smokeless Powders For Sale

Western Reloading Supplies welcomes you. Since the late 1800s, Winchester Smokeless Powders have been available. Customers who have shot Winchester factory loaded ammunition know the grade of propellant they are getting from the first shot.

Bring that quality to your reloading bench with the Winchester powder family. Winchester Smokeless Powders in stock include the Winchester WinClean 244 Smokeless Gun Powder, the Winchester 572 Smokeless Gun Powder, the Winchester 760 Smokeless Gun Powder, and the Winchester 296 Smokeless.

Winchester Smokeless Propellants – The Winchester Story

Winchester® Smokeless Propellants may be traced back to 1892, when Franklin Olin and several other partners established the Equitable Powder Company in East Alton, Illinois.

In 1898, Olin established the Western Cartridge Company to market ammunition, giving his Equitable Powder Company another outlet for its powder.

In 1931, Western Cartridge purchased the bankrupt Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Western was renamed Winchester-Western as a result of this transaction.

Dr. Fredrich Olsen was engaged by Western Cartridge Company in 1929, and he quickly earned U.S. Patent #2,027,114, which was issued to Western Cartridge as “Manufacture of Smokeless Powders.” Western Cartridge Company then commercialized the smokeless propellant BALL POWDER®.

Winchester Powder Load Data

Powders, Primers, and Reloading Supplies by Winchester,  Winchester is one of the most well-known brand names in the world. Since 1866, the term has grown to symbolize a variety of things to different people.

Most people associate it with ammo and the “Gun that Won the West.” Winchester manufactures hand tools, cutlery, fishing tackle, and, of course, ammunition and firearms.

Winchester’s picturesque artwork and branding have formed a vision of what a hunting tradition should be. The legend of the Winchester name and trademark has reflected a long and responsible tradition of commitment and pride in creating high-quality products for over 140 years.

Olin Corporation continues to produce Winchester ammunition in a variety of lines, including Super-X, Supreme and Supreme Elite shotshells, and Cowboy Loads revolver cartridges.

Winchester provides the highest quality ammunition components to reloaders. Every component is designed to meet or exceed the industry’s most stringent quality control and performance standards.

Winchester Bullets Winchester stocks a wide range of component bullets for centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition. Bullets are custom-designed and manufactured to exact specifications in order to provide specified on-target performance characteristics.

These qualities differ depending on the design of the bullet. Cases Shell cases for handguns and rifles are precision-engineered to provide smooth feeding and positive chambering.

There are unprimed rifle shell cases as well as primed and unprimed handgun shell cases available. W209 Muzzleloader Muzzleloading Primers are perfect for muzzleloading in-line. Hodgdon currently carries Powder Winchester Smokeless Powder.

Primers All weather primers are non-corrosive and provide fast, consistent ignition in any shooting environment. Winchester works hard to ensure that all primers are dependable, fast, and exact.

Primers are continually and carefully tested in testing facilities for consistency and sensitivity at temperatures and situations much beyond the range of normal usage.

promises improved sensitivity for more positive firing in all guns, carefully-controlled weights of primer mixes, consistency in size and quality, exact measurements and tolerances for anvil heights, and stability in extremes of temperatures and humidity.

Wads/Shots Wads are rarely given the same level of scrutiny as other components by reloaders. The result is frequently poor performance, which is solely due to the wad.

Inslug loads benefit from good gas pressure sealing provided by paper cup and fiber wads. Plastic shot cups shield buckshot pellets and improve pattern performance in new low recoil buck shot loads.

And, of course, reloading would be incomplete without shot. Uniform, cooled lead shot results in uniform shot patterns and greater penetration. Strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures the best performance possible.

What is Winchester Powder Used for?

Winchester WinClean 244 is a medium handgun load ball powder. It works best with 38 Special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads. This powder is ideal for any handgun cartridge loader due to its consistency, low flash, and wide range of applications. Because it is a ball powder, it has exact metering.

What powder is used in Winchester AA?

Winchester Super Handicap
Overview of the product: Winchester Super Handicap is a ball powder that contains the same propellant as Winchester’s Super Handicap ammunition. With a 1-1/8 ounce shot charge, this slow-burning, high-energy propellant provides the shooter with superb handicap or long-range sporting clays loads at up to 1250 FPS.

What is Winchester WST Powder Good for?

Winchester WST powder is ideal for use in 45 Auto match applications. Consistent, clean, low flash and smoke are benefits to the shooter.

What is Winchester 748 Powder Good for?

Winchester 748 is a ball powder that can be used to load 223 Remington cartridges. When compared to other similar speed powders, the low-flame temperature extends barrel life.

What powder Does Winchester use in Factory Loads?

Winchester also uses 296 powder for factory loaded 410 bore AA loads. However, 296 is incompatible with the majority of rifle cartridges. Winchester and the US military prefer 748 powder for 5.56mm and 223 Remington rifles.

What powder does Winchester use in 9mm?

Winchester 231
Winchester 231 is a ball powder that has long been one of the most popular handgun propellants. It works best with 38 Special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads. This powder is ideal for any handgun cartridge loader due to its consistency, clean burning, low flash, and wide range of applications.

What is the burn rate of Winchester 572 powder?

Winchester 572 is a ball powder that has been specifically engineered to maximize a wide range of shotshell and handgun loads. First and foremost, 572 has the perfect burn rate to produce the renowned 3-14-dram equivalent, 1-14 ounce (1330 FPS) factory Winchester load with any brand case!

What can I load with Winchester 296 Powder?

Winchester 296 is a ball powder designed for high-capacity handgun ammunition. Its high loading density delivers excellent velocity and is ideal for loading 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, and even 410-bore shotshell ammunition. For 410-bore AA ammunition, Winchester 296 is also suggested.

Are any Winchester guns made in USA?

Winchester firearms are made in the USA, Belgium, Turkey, and Portugal. Its SX3 and model 101 are made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal. Its Model 70, XPR, and SX4 are made in Portugal.