Fiocchi Primers

Fiocchi Primers have earned a stellar reputation as some of the most dependable and consistent primers on the market. These primers are made to rigorous standards on the most precise presses.

Are Fiocchi Primers Lead Free?

Fiocchi has produced over 1 billion lead free/heavy metal free primers since 2003. Reduced water treatment cost during manufacturing process • Lower risk of detonation during manufacturing process.
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Does Fiocchi make primers?

Fiocchi Primers is the technology leader in lead- and heavy-metal-free primers and is the only manufacturer of lead-free primers to receive NATO qualification.

Where are Fiocchi primers made?

Defensive, target, and hunting ammunition manufacturer Fiocchi has selected a 281-acre site in the Port of Little Rock, AR for a new ammunition primer manufacturing facility.

What company owns Fiocchi?

Czechoslovak Group
Fiocchi Munizioni / Parent organization
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The Czechoslovak Group is a Czech industrial-technological holding company, with its headquarters in Prague. CSG operated from 13 October 2014 to 14 January 2016 under the name Excalibur Group.
Since January 2018, the owner of the Czechoslovak Group is Michal Strnad, the son of the founder, Jaroslav Strnad.

Are fiocchi primers non corrosive?

Fiocchi primers have 150 in each sleeve. Specifications and Features: Hard Type Primer. Non-Corrosive.